Vektek's NEW Auto-coupler
The Auto-Coupler is a convenient device that allows you to automate the connection of your fixture and power supply. - Vektek’s unique connecting mechanism couples and locks without putting forces into the fixture either to engage or retain the connected fluid passages.

- The engagement mechanism pulls the connectors together and during disengagement mechanically separates the pallet side receiver from the Auto-Coupler (pump control side).
- The locking mechanism resists the separation force from the exchange of fluids during operation of the fixture, all forces are self-contained and not pushing on the fixture.
- For automatically decoupled systems where robots load and unload the fixture without any human intervention. - For existing or new automated systems where the machine or a PLC controls the fixture functions.
- Easily serviceable Pallet Receiver is a self-contained device with 2 separate clamp/unclamp hydraulic circuits each having cartridge PO check valves. Also contains filtration, pressure relief valve, and conveniently located SAE6 or manifold mounting ports.
- 2 independent pneumatic pass through circuits for air sensing on the fixture.
- Integrated air blow off to reduce the chance of contamination. - An accumulator is required for each decoupled hydraulic circuit (not included).
- Pneumatic slide is optional. To learn more view our online catalog:
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